Monday, June 14

Day 2: Paris

In Paris I was met by Niccio who very very kindly picked me up from the Airport and drove me to his house where I got to take a wonderful shower and then we drove back to Paris for a speedy tour. We first stopped at a beautiful restaurant that, based on the photos looked like it had been around since the 1900s. They specialized in creps that were just amazing, indescribable. Mine was made of potatoes, blue cheese and something delicious that I can't remember. It was so good.

I was very conscious of the fact that I was the only person in the restaurant who can't understand a word of French and I think I stood out like a bad American sore thumb.

After dinner we drove around the city and we even stopped at the Eiffel tower and watched the people who were gathered watching the world cup on a giant screen. It was a practice in skipping jet lag in one easy step. Don't sleep until you are supposed to in that time zone even if your so tired you are shaking. We went back to his house soon after and I fell asleep in the car.

I'm writing this now and I've scheduled it to go live sometime tomorrow as I get to morocco so you all will be about a day behind me but that'll give me time to see where the next step of this adventure will take me.

I miss you all but I can't wait to see Aydin tomorrow.

Isn't it pretty

French Pigins

Nicco's house

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