Monday, April 30

Computer vs Traditional

So, I have spent all week sitting in front of my computer cleaning up the pages for my comic final (a few sample pages are available in the last post). And I truly never expected it to be this tedius.

Some people complain that computer work is cheating, that its faster and easier than traditional. This is an argument I'm going to have to disagree with.

True that the undo button is something that I take full advantage of and is something not available in drawing and painting, but I have found that the amount of time it takes to make something look really good, to look really clean and not pixelated or computerized can take just as much time as any traditional media.

Penciling this comic took me about five hours per page. Versus pencil and paper this is a bit faster than the average time of ten hours. However, the clean-up process and the refining of line that is the computerized version of inking is not so quick. For me this process takes almost twice as long per page than any form of finishing, painting, inking, anything.

I would like some feedback if anyone reads this. What is your preference of media? Do you find the computer to be faster or slower than traditional medias and where do you like to use it and where do you not?

Friday, April 27

We are now entering the last week of finals.

I've been spending a lot of my time working on my comic final for my Image as Narrative class. Its an eight page comic that could be extended to nine.
Over the summer I plan on redoing it in scratch board.

Here are a few pages in progress

Outside of comics I'm working on a few papers and a drawing. I'm also working on redoing my site using a php template but that doesn't look to be done until after the semester ends.
I've also begun planing to make a Flash version of my site. This will probably be up mid summer or so.