Friday, April 5

A Trimet App for That

Beta Tester Applications will be accepted through Sunday 4/7/2013

If you are a Portland resident than you have heard of the massive changes to Trimet that fully went into effect at the beginning of the year. These changes followed a change a few months earlier of the removal of unstamped ticket packs from the Trimet ticket machines, requiring riders to now pre-purchase packs of tickets from grocery stores or the Trimet ticket office at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Aggravating doesn't even being to describe it.

However, finally, Trimet is doing something right. Today I read in METRO, Trimet will soon begin beta tests for a new mobile app where paper tickets will be a thing of the past. Soon all of us with smart phones will be able to buy and use trimet transfers right from our phones. I'm very excited, I've even applied to be a beta tester.

Tuesday, April 2

Mac Device Vectors

Put together a few vector files of an iMac, an iPhone, and an iPad. There is something so very satisfying about getting your gradients just right.