Monday, September 22

Senior Show Images

I'm nervous about my Senior Show Project, its a lot of work and I'm doing something no one has done before, so no one can really show me how to do it. Most people don't even understand the idea.

Despite that I've begun my first Flash demo of the first panel. The programing is a bit strange but I should be done by Thursday. For testing purposes I'm only manipulating three images, a foreground raven, a middle ground tree and a far off background.



Sunday, September 14

First Comic Head's Meeting

Just a quick announcement for anyone in the Minneapolis area.

Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Comic Head's Meeting: Ideas and Inspiration

Sunday September, 14 ( TODAY! ) 1 p.m.
Auditorium 140

Wednesday, September 10

I made a calculator

As much as I complain about Flash, I have enjoyed making this program.
Its just a simple calculator, but I think its pretty fun.
Check it out.

A short fangirl note for CSS

This is just a short post before I really start my day but I was cruising though my daily blogs when I came across the newest CSSplay post and its drop dead gorgeous!

This is the kind of beautiful and creative design that I always think about when people start talking to me about the Flash website they want. Flash is great, don't get me wrong, its a fascinating program and Actionscript 3.0 is actually starting to become a vary useful programing language, but Flash is not god.
In fact, I can very comfortably state that in 80% of all circumstances where people insist that they need Flash websites it could be done better in CSS, almost entirely.

Tuesday, September 9

play with color

A sketch I did after working for hours on homework.

Its so nice to feel free enough to just play with color.

Monday, September 1


I've begun Database and Computational Design, one of the two last classes I will take at MCAD. The class is about advanced Flash Actionscript 3.0 and I'm struggling, the first steps to learn a new programming language are always hard.

In my quest to understand the complexities of Flash I've found a number of useful websites that I thought might be helpful to others as well.

One of the best Flash resources is actually the Adobe LiveDocs but they're remarkably hard to find on a google search.
Language and Components Refrence
Flash CS3 Documentation

Kirupa is a great tutorial resource for all sorts of stuff, not just flash.

The work for my senior project is also going to be done in Flash so I've begun work on learning to create 3D-esc flash files. These are a lot more challenging. But I should also be able to get help from the awesome people at WiiFlash.

basic 3D scripting for Flash
A collection of links to Flash tutorials
Kirupa: scripting 3D in Flash