Wednesday, April 30

Senior Project 3 - kissing

I had some difficulty drawing the kissing, but it came out really well, even if it took me a while.
I'm uploading my favorites as I finish inking because it keeps me motivated.
I have only four left then I can relax.
Deadlines are a... very frustrating.

Senior Project 2

It's 6am and I've been up all night, again. This really can't be good for my health.

I got a good pick-me-up halfway through the night with a wrap and a Sobe from Caffrey's Deli. For anyone in the twin cities area I highly recommend them. They're open till 3am!

Anyway. I'm still plunking away at my senior project. I have five pages left to ink but several of them should only take a little while. We're speaking in relative time of course.

Monday, April 28

senior project 1

I'm so exhausted. There is no time to sleep and I'm looking forward to going and eating some pizza in an hour. Until then, I ink.

Here are two of my pages for my senior project. They are missing lettering and I think I want to add some gray wash to the second page but they are really coming along. I'm enjoying myself.
now if I could only get some sleep.

Sunday, April 20


Difficult to report anything but work. Caught up in the midst of finals I have a thousand and one things going on but no brain cells to talk about them.

A friend of mine at MCAD has just recently set herself up with a website and I would highly recommend checking her stuff out. She has great illustrations and amazing tone work.

Nicole Vanche