Friday, June 29

Ozy and Millie

So its been many a week since I've last updated. I've been on a great adventure and a guest to discover new discoveries... I also drove through Montana in a little over a day.
So I've been traversing the mighty US of A in a little car filled to the brim with boxes, a tv, and piles of beautiful, must have junk to put into my new apartment. Sadly, I won't be able to move into my new apartment until August and everything doesn't have a place in the current abode so for now its sitting in a pile in the middle of the living room.

Since I returned I have spent quite a few hours reconnecting with the internet and catching up on my favorite web comics as well as reading a few new ones.

Ozy and Millie by D.C. Simpson, is probably one of my favorite web comics. I just started reading it but its been around for quite some time. I'm still going through the archives.

As far as art goes this one is top notch. The artist really does a great job and knows his style well. Its of the anthro style but the fact that they're all animals doesn't distract and the characters are so loveable I don't care at all.
I absolutely adore the political commentary and discussion about social and cultural stupidity as well.
Its also making me what to refer to all annoying politicians as Poo-heads.
In short, I'm in love. Millie also reminds me of myself at a young age so that could be part of it as well. ^_^

Wednesday, June 6


A sketch I did after watching the last season of Buffy. There is some freaky stuff that goes on with eyes in that season.
Its funny, as I have been traversing Minneapolis from home to work and back again, I have found quite a bit of time to write some really interesting things in a little black notebook, blog worthy things. Yet, when I get home, I can not find the energy to do anything with my computer.

Having spent the entire day staring at a computer screen I am much more inclined to play a game, talk, read a book, or just curl up in a ball and not move for a few hours.

That's not to say that my work is bad. The people I work with are wonderful and the work is actually quite enjoyable, and I'm learning a lot.

Its just that... I feel so drained.

I feel stoppered up. My creativity is there, in my head. Its filling me so much some days that my hands shake with the need to let it out. But I can't seem to. I have been given many opportunities to let my creativity go wild, and yet I do not. I don't know quite what is keeping me this way, maybe its backlash from school, maybe its stress, maybe I'm just more lazy than I'd like to admit.

Every day on the bus when I sit with my little black notebook the world seems to open in front of me. But the second it closes my world narrows back to a small empty cube.