Monday, May 19

Summer art requests?

I'm really in need of some inspiration this summer. I don't want to slack off on my drawing like I have every other year. Any requests for pictures?
I'm willing to do fanart.

Summer evenings and a new job to go along with it.

I have a really wonderful new job for the summer. It's a design position with a small consulting group. This is the kind of job that I could really learn to love, and of course, its all about the people. My boss and my coworker are really wonderful people, really interesting and have some great ideas. I am also allowed a lot of room to stretch my wings.

When I signed up for this job I thought I would be doing a lot of graphic design and illustration, things I can do and I enjoy. What I've found myself doing is being thrown headlong into intricate data visualization and business info graphic work.

If you need some examples of what data visualization can look like, check out Jonathan Harris or Aydin Mohseni.

Its some seriously challenging work, and I'm loving it.

And to make sure there is some art on this post somewhere, here are some photos of a gorgeous midwest sunset I took with my camera phone.

Thursday, May 1

Senior Project 4

Here's my first fully finished page.

I really don't know how I feel about this lettering.

Here is page 3. This one still needs some grays I think.

Edit: I didn't realize till after I posted it that the word balloon in the 5th panel was pointing the wrong direction. Its supposed to be pointing down toward the third tier.
It's fixed in the final version which should be up on my website soon.