Thursday, December 11

Exauhsted Ramblings 1

2:30 AM
1 day 9 hours until everything must be completely done.

During finals there is that certain look that students, especially the upper-classmen acquire. Its created by to much work and a lack of sleep so terrible that many people go half insane. The blank stone stare of a terrified zombie.

I witnessed another comic student down in the Comic Studio with that look tonight. Her pen was poised to ink but it was as if she had become frozen and simply stared into her laptop screen. There was some movie playing but it was slow and obviously not the sort of action packed movie that you actually have to watch to understand. Despite that she stared. I watched her for several minutes and she never moved, not an inch. Though her will was attempting to force her body to continue working her mind was completely asleep.

Wednesday, December 10

Last momment dissapointments

Always, always be careful when ordering business cards.
I checked my order and checked it again, and again and again before putting the final conformation and still, I recieved my business cards today and the top graphic is missing.
This has made the entire card look awkward. I'm really upset and I've wasted almost $60 since I put in a rush order to get them before my show.

So much for that.

Tuesday, December 9

Come on by to see the Show.

The WiiFlash Interactive Comic based on the work of Johnny Lee, Gerbster, and the great community on WiiFlash is up and working on the 3rd Floor of the MCAD Gallery. My Senior Graduation Exhibition will be up between now and Saturday, December 13th.

Please stop on by and check it out.

I will be updating my blog with all file and instruction in the next week but because sleep deprivation is not conducive to cohesive descriptions I will keep my posts short until some rest can be found. Tell me, have you seen any?

Wednesday, December 3

Comic Heads Meeting

Just letting everyone know that there is a ComicHeads meeting in the MCAD comic studio this sunday at 1pm. We'll be hosting an MCAD finals support group complete with emergenC and food.

Come by and get some feedback on your work and hang out with the rest of us.

Technical aspects

I spent part of this week rewiring a wii sensor bar so that it could be powered from a common household outlet.

I started off trying to build my own with the help of this website but I was not able to get ahold of powerful enough infrared led's and my sensor range was only about two feet.

So I found this website instead and that worked very well. I now have a wii sensor bar that I'm going to attach to a pair of googles but I don't have to lug around the entire wii to get it to work with my interactive comic program.

here are a couple of pictures of the final product.

You can see, all of the products except of course the sensor bar itself are parts from radio shack and the total project cost me about $28 dollars. But that's because I bought the variable voltage adapter when all I needed was a 7.5v adapter.

It won't win any beauty contests but it gets the job done and its one step closer to my super interactive comic.