Monday, June 28

Did you know they sell stomach lining served with white beans as a common lunch meal here? Trust me it is not something I would recommend to anyone except the very very daring. I only tried a little bit of Aydin's ( he likes it ). Do you know the smell of a petting zoo? That very very animal smell? The one that fills your nose and smells like wild, dirt, and hair? Yeah that's about what stomach lining tastes like.

But its not the worse thing I've ever tasted. It still rates above New Zealand Vegimite.

I have made several new friends here that I have really enjoyed spending time with.

Zakaria grew up here in Azrou. He is very smart, knows how to speak German, English, Berber, Arabic, and French. He is a tour guide for tourists looking to hike through the mountains around Azrou. He is well known in the region and thought very highly of, he's even listed on Lonely Planet.  He's a lot of fun to hang out with and has a great taste in music and movies. He is the person that could most inspire me to learn Darija ( Moroccan Arabic ) because though his English is quite good I know my conversations with him could be so much more interesting and deep if I could speak with him in a language he is more familiar with.

Khadija is another new friend of mine. She is a student from Florida on a summer volunteer scholorship that she is using to explore Morocco. She is passionate, clever, and sassy in a way that makes her both easy and fascinating to spend time with. She and I have spent many hours in impassioned discussions about people, society, animals, and the state of politics in third world countries. She has an air that attracts people to her and I've enjoyed seeing her throw herself into deep conversation with strangers in a way that reminds me of Aydin.

The four of us, Khadija, Zakaria, Aydin and I have spent a lot of time together talking, watching movies, and enjoying the cool summer breeze that makes Azrou so attractive. Aydin found a resturant that he refers to as "the meat infusion". One order gets you a piece of flat bread stuffed to bursting with a huge pile of grilled spiced beef and a side order of frys. Its the kind of meal that would send any American health expert running for the heart attack meds and could take care of your beef needs for a year. We've eaten there three times. :)

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