Tuesday, February 10

How much does it actually cost to be happy.

In the current disintegrating troubled economy people are struggling to keep everything together.  As of last week my number one source of income and pretty awesome boss all things considered, has informed me that he can no longer afford to pay me for my web and design work. At least for the next couple of months.

This is certainly on my list of bad. However, overall I'm trying to keep up beat about the whole thing.  I've started work on my website again and am researching more advanced actionscript using the Flex interface.

I'm also going to really take the time to look at exactly where all my money goes and what expenses really aren't necessary.  In fact, for the next month.  I'm going to make a challenge to myself.  How much extra stuff can I cut out of my life and still be happy?

For me this challenge will mean, biking everywhere, no more car. I won't buy any new video games, no new electronics, no beer. I will think very carefully before spending money on entertainments and make choices for free activities whenever I can. I see this as an opportunity to really review my life and necessities and take steps toward a more sustainable lifestyle. I would welcome anyone else to join me in this and share their challenges and their successes as well.

An interesting blog to check out on related topics is No Impact Man.

good luck

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  1. ok! DEAL! I'll (attempt?) to join you. I dont have a car so I'm halfway there! haha! I've gotten better about Spyhouse (I didnt go today after all). Booze I can live without (i will make an exception for parties other people host either at restaurants or house parties. I cant show up empty handed!).

    the main issue is going out to eat. I just have to go grocery shopping more since the main reason i go out to eat is because i dont actually own any food...