Wednesday, November 14

I wish I had more to update with.
I've begun conversation with a woman who has connections in Ireland and begun planning to visit there to continue my storytelling research. This is of course a bit of forward planning because I can't leave until Summer 2009 but I like to know what I'm doing, even if the plans change completely between now and then.
I'm still working on the beginnings of my senior project as well as a 14 page story for Comic 3. I'll be uploading the sketches to my website soon.

Speaking of websites, I think mines in need of an overhaul. I need a full on identity and a layout that doesn't act odd every few page loads. It looks cool but I've decided that it isn't as practical as I would like it to be. I'll also be adding more PHP for fast updating and perhaps move my blog fully on to my server.

I miss Twin Cities Babylon. I really want to start it up again. Soon Babylon. Soon.

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