Wednesday, October 31

As anyone who actually reads this might have noticed, Twin Cities Babylon had to be put on hold till the end of this hellish semester. I've noticed I don't do well during semester on anything other than school work, which is as it should be I suppose.

I've begun work on my senior project and its looking awesome, I'm loving my process book. I've finally settled on a workable piece that can show off my talents and that I will enjoy doing but that I don't have so much investment in that it will take years to complete, which is what my other ideas were turning into.
While trying to figure out what I wanted to do for my senior project I stumbled upon a few more exceptional ideas that I plan on investing in in the years to follow my graduation. The research will involve travel, which I'm really looking forward too. In anticipation of this I have begun researching grants that can help me afford my endeavor. Grants are a bitch to find. Well, not grants in general, put a search into Google for grants and you'll get pages and pages of hits and most of those only lead to more lists, more memberships, and more reasons to let go of more money but so far very few have had what I need.
There is a neat storytelling grant that might work from Northlands Storytelling Network
And a comic and cartoonist grant besides the Xeric grant which only covers self publishing costs, not research or travel.
I've also decided I'll try for the Fullbright but there are so many applications every year that I doubt my chances.

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