Monday, November 19

sexy flash

So in planning for my own gallery redesign and also working on some consulting for a friends gallery I've been spending a good deal of time researching different ways of showing off a large number of images in an easy to load, esthetically pleasing way, and damned if this isn't the sexiest gallery I've ever seen.
Its a beautiful utilization of flash in a simple environment and it loads quickly and beautifully. The only issue for me is that it is flash which still has some compatibility problems for older browsers and users who don't like to download new software and Flash is still not supported on phones with web access which is a problem because the number of users accessing sites from mobile devices is raising every day.

So, as beautiful as it is I don't know if I could use it in my own site yet. Never the less... its fucking gorgeous.

1 comment:

  1. One suggestion is that it would be nice to be able to link to specific images within a gallery--to the best of my knowledge, this cannot be accomplished within Flash and Lightbox based galleries.

    Permalinks ftw.

    Also, I was going to suggest offering users a choice between flash vs non-, but man I hate inelegance.