Sunday, July 18

Paris alone

My days with close friends came to an end. It was almost worse saying goodbye to Aydin the second time for I already knew what missing him felt like.
Paris seemed duller without friends I knew with me. Duller and frightening. I only knew three words in French and those I spoke with a terrible accent. I was unsure of where to go and CouchSurfing was exploding at the seams with tourists.

I had made reservations at a small hotel that promised wifi but when I arrived I found it situated up a creepy alley and lacking internet. I moved on.
My search for a place to sleep for the night led me through the area around Socre Cour to another little hotel near a fountain and a number of restaurants and pubs. The main room was open and clean and the man at the front desk, kind. I booked a single room for several nights and was overwhelmingly happy to find it also included superfast wifi and better yet, my own lovely shower.

I woke the next morning feeling ill. Acy and sniffly and grouchy. I lazed in bed for the day planning all the adventures I could have in Paris..Update: May, 2011 but, and I can admit this now, frightened to leave the security of my little room. Finally as darkness fell I explored outside for a little shop and bought myself some bread and wine for dinner and went back up to my room.

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