Monday, July 5


The next day Julia, Gustav and I walked back up the huge hills of Granada to Alhambra, the most well known sight in Granada. It is the ruins of what was the old fortress that the city of Granada was built around. Once kings, warriors, and great nobles walked the pathways of the now crumbling stone paths.
The tickets to get inside the main part of Alhambra cost 12 euro so we decided not to go deep inside but even the outskirts of the city are beautiful. From Alhambra we walked further up a hill to a grove of olive trees and past to the very top where there was an old restaurant owned by a husband and wife and nearby an old stone wall where we sat and listened to old jazz on my iPod and watched the sun set over the city.

The next day followed the same pattern. We walked back up to Alhambra, we found an open terrace on a hill filled with vine wrapped columns. I painted the city and we talked and enjoyed ourselves. Sunday and most of Monday were also filled with lazy enjoyment, laughter, and fun. We walked most of Granada those few days and I couldn't have asked for a better time.

Monday afternoon Julia and Gustav grabbed a bus for Madrid and we said our goodbyes. I miss them and I am really looking forward to visiting them in Brazil as soon as I get the chance.

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