Wednesday, May 23


Well, as the internet at my house was out this post is a few days late.

The early morning sun is always something glorious to behold. Especially for an art student, we don't get to see it often.

Yesterday I rode to work on the Minneapolis Bus System. I really do feel that this system could be improved, it leaves much to be desired. The arrival times should be right to within a minute or two of the times posted on their website and I don't know who came up with the same number, different letters idea for naming their buses but its greatly lacking in practical functionality, it sucks. Buses named 21A, B, and C all take slightly different routes or only go so far to my destination. I don't know how many times I've ended up only halfway to where I want to go with no other bus in sight.

However the buses do give me an opportunity to really brush up my drawing skills. Its so convenient to be surrounded by people who all sit perfectly still. Most are asleep or believe that it is terribly impolite to address strangers on the bus. No one talks to me or looks over my shoulder while I draw and can't really say anything if they seem me drawing them. As I said, it's convenient.

I really do get some of my best ideas while I'm on the bus, looking out the window and watching the world go by. Even walking to the bus stop that morning was fun.

I walked down the sidewalk watching my feet treading on the cracks and falling back into childhood wondering if I'd be falling a breaking my back. Then laying on the sidewalk in front of me was an extremely large earthworm, it twitched. It was dying and already two large centipedes had attached themselves to its body to consume it.

I looked at them and felt sadness, empathy for a worm, and also comfort, it reminded me of the natural order. It reminded me that the cycle of life, in all its horrifying realities, it continues and it changes.

I wanted to remember those thoughts so I pulled out my camera phone, I felt like an intruder, so I snapped a picture and continued on my way.

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