Saturday, February 24

Dragon Problems

This is a sketch I did in my sketchbook over a month ago that I am still struggling with how to color. I love the drawing to pieces and I want to do it justice but I just don't quite know how.

I've tried a few different versions but nothing comes out just right. I'm thinking I might just go with simple generic dragon colors.

In truth I'm only contemplating this now because its 2 am on a Friday night and I'm locked away in my little apartment trying to get homework done that I don't really want to do anymore. My hands hurt from drawing panels.

I've discovered however that I have found myself with a growing interest in the discussion of life and death. Its not like I'm looking for a particular religion, I'm an admitted agnostic unless I'm feeling particularly religiously oppressed that day. But I look forward to all the ideas that have come out of religion to explain those unknown moments before we're born and after we die. I have my own ideas about what might be on the other side but those are really for another day.

I just bring this up because I was noticing that all of my comic projects on my plate at the moment have to do with life and death. I have my comic that I've almost completed titled, Life, about the meeting of mother and daughter in the tunnel as the daughter is born into the world and her mother passes from it. Its sad and heartening at the same time. I've also just finished the script for a story about two brothers dealing with the death of their father and their discussion as they leave the cometary. My other project is my senior project which would take much more time than I have now to explain and is still in the experiment stage but let me assure you it is all about death and the decisions we make and how they effect us.

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