Thursday, June 4

Mocca Day 1

First day in New York.

As the plane came in over the city I saw the harbor and the skyline and there in the middle of the water, the Statue of Liberty. I felt for her, she’s stood there, alone, and she seemed suppressed now, imprisoned on her tiny island with the enormous skyscrapers around her. I was worried I would feel the same but after stepping out of the airport I found myself on the subway and walking around the city. I’ve been introducing myself as politely as one can in New York and thus far I feel at home. It’s even gray and humid, just like home.

I’ve found the necessities of life, a place to stay, a good friend, and a coffee shop with pipping hot caffeine and free wifi access.

The MOCCA events start tomorrow evening. If you’re curious, check out their web site for more info. Several artists from Minneapolis are going to be there including Evan Palmer, Anna Bongiovanni, Sean Lynch, Raighne & Meghan Hogan,and Ed Moorman. I’m going to be taking photos of the con so stay tuned, I think there’s going to be some amazing stuff to see.

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