Sunday, July 20

Attack of the leathal virus's

So along with having no internet access outside of a coffee shop because my Quest modem appears to have died, I've spent the whole weekend not working on the art project I wanted to get done and instead, have been battling a whole slew of nasty computer viruses who have corrupted my computer to the extent that I'm now limping along with little hope of saving my computer from a complete reinstall.

That means operating system and everything.

I've sort of guessed that from the beginning, when on Thursday my computer was literally hijacked before my eyes, my Internet Explorer opened without my command and a file began downloading. I think I've had one of the best looks on my face to date. I believe it was a mixture of horror and aghast fascination.

Lucky for me my father is an amazing computer network enginier so he was able to get on the phone with me and figure out most of the problems. Still though... things seem kinda wonky so I'm afraid to access any websites where i have to enter a lot of personal information. I'll have to find another secure computer to pay my Quest bill.

So I'm sorry for yet another non-art post but I'll be getting back to the art-ing soon.

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