Tuesday, June 10

One more bike post

ok, one more post about this bike "accident" then I'll get back to more important things.
I wish I had more art to post but setting up the new apartment has taken a lot of time and things are still a mess. I don't have access to a scanner right now so that's making it difficult to post even the few sketches I have done.

but onto being hit by a car. yeah, not an experience I want to repeat. I've changed my bike route so that I'm more protected, and I try to ride with a group of bikers whenever possible.
These are the bruises on my left leg. They've actually become a lot more impressive since I took this picture but I don't think anyone wants to see those.
My left arm is also really bruised but I can't really get a picture 'cause its on the backside. I think I also strained my neck but that barely hurts at all anymore.
I'm still really miffed that the guy didn't even stay around to see if I was okay but I think I've learned some valuable lessons about bike safety. I would encourage all my friends and readers. Please please please! Keep an eye out for bikers around you, they are very much more afraid of you than you are of them.


  1. Whoever owns this blog, I would like to say that he has a great idea of choosing a topic.

  2. um.. thank you?
    I'm not entirely sure if your saying you have a great idea for a blog topic or if you approve of my choice of blogging topics.

    Either way, I would enjoy hearing your input.

    and again, thank you.

  3. owwwowowowwww!

    Im glad you're in one piece though!